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Our Wonderful Professors

Dong Han

Dong Han - Professor

College of Energy and Power Engineering

Research Field:

Research of solar thermal propulsion, 2007AA702318, National 863 plan.
Research for technology of semiconductor temperature difference power system with waste heat recovery, BE2008020, Science and technology Supporting Plan of Jiangsu Province.
Research of critical technology for large flow steam compressor in the mechanical heat pump evaporation system, BE2011160, Science and technology Supporting Plan of Jiangsu Province.
Research of the critical technology and equipments for a novel energy conservation low temperature evaporation system without driven steam, BE2010192,Science and technology Supporting Plan of Jiangsu Province.
Novel Enhanced Heat Transfer Part and Efficient Exchangers, BY2013003-07, Prospective United Research Project of Jiangsu Province.
Integrated Characteristics of the Distributed Combined Water and Power System Based on the Humidification Dehumidification Method, 51406081, The National Natural Science Fund of China.
Devices of 5kWe-ORC for Low Grade Heat Recovery, Company Research Project.
Research and utilization for solar water heater, Company Research Project.

ZHEN Zi-Yang

ZHEN Zi-Yang - Professor

College of Automation Engineering

Research Field:

UAVs formation control and task planning: UAVs cooperative control, formation control, path planning, task planning, based on Swarm Optimization.
Advance aircraft flight control theory: Adaptive control, preview control and nonlinear control for aircrafts, such as hypersonic vehicles, UAV, helicopter, fighter, carrier-based aircrafts.
Book/Paper Publication
Wang, Z. S., Jiang, B., Zhen, Z. Y., Information fusion estimation and control, Science Press, May, 2009
Wang, J., Wang, Z. S., Lu, N. Y., Zhen, Z. Y., Economic Cyberneticstheory, application and MATLAB simulation, Science Press, Sep.2008
Zhen Ziyang*, Jiang Ju, Wang Zhisheng, Wang Xinhua. Information fusion based decoupling control for multivariable nonlinear system. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2015, Article ID 361581: 1-10.
Zhen Ziyang*, Gao Chen, Zheng Fengying, Jiang Ju. Cooperative path replanning method for multiple UAVs with obstacle collision avoidance under timing constraints. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 2015, 229(10): 1813-1823
Zhen Ziyang*, Jiang Ju, Wang Xinhua, Gao Chen. Information fusion based optimal attitude control for large civil aircraft in landing phase. ISA Transactions, 2015, 55: 81-91
Zhen Ziyang*, Pu Huangzhong, Chen Qi, Wang Xinhua. Nonlinear intelligent flight control for a quadrotor unmanned helicopter. Transactions of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2015, 32(1): 29-34
Liang Bingbing, Zhen Ziyang*, Jiang Ju. Modified shuffled frog leaping algorithm optimized control for air-breathing hypersonic flight vehicle, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 2016: 17
Wang Shuo, Zhen Ziyang*, Jiang Ju, Wang Xinhua. Flight Tests of Autopilot Integrated with Fault-tolerant Control of a Small Fixed-Wing UAV. Mathematical Problem of Engineering. Volume 2016 (2016), Article ID 2141482, 7 pages
Gao Chen, Zhen Ziyang*, Gong Huajun, A self-organized search and attack algorithm for multiple unmanned aerial vehicles. Aerospace Science and Technology, 54 (2016) 229240
Zheng Fengying*, Gong Huajun, Zhen Ziyang. Adaptive constraint backstepping fault tolerant control for small carrier UAV with uncertain parameters. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering. 2016, 230: 407-425

Xing Shen

Xing Shen - Professor

College of Aerospace Engineering

Research Field:

Smart Maerials and structures;
Functional devices for aerospace engineering;
Mophing wiing structres;
Measurement and instrument

Caiyun Wang

Caiyun Wang - Associate Professor

College of Astronautics

Research Field:

l radar signal processing
l radar automatic target recognition (RATA)
l image processing

Zong Peng

Zong Peng - PhD

College of Electronic and Information Engineering

Research Field:

major research is satellite mobile networkings, owns dozens of patents and publications, responsible for top level of the government projects, used to work for the military academy in 80s; for CAAC in 90s; for research fellow of Surry University in 00s, for director engineer of China Aerospace in 00s, for professor of NUAA in 10s