Professor Detail: BU Gang

  Name: BU Gang

  Sex: Male

  Title: Professor

  Type: Master/Doctor

  College: College of Electronic and Information Engineering

  Discipline: Microelectronics

  Contact No.: +86-025-84896490 Ex12414



  Research Field

1.Analog, RF, Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design
2.Communication SoC design
3 Power management ASIC design

  Academic Experience

Sep. 2009 – Current: Professor, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Department of Electronic Science and Technology (Nanjing, China)
Jan. 2007 – Dec.2008: Senior RF/Analog ASIC Design Engineer, S5 Wireless Inc. ( UT, USA).
Feb. 2005

  Selected Publications:

1. G. Bu, A. R. Tavakoli, K. Entesari, “A 24 GHz Indirect VCO in 0.18 um CMOS Technology” Accepted in IEEE European Microwave Conference, Oct. 2008.
2. G. Bu, D. Ciplys, M. Shur, “Surface Acoustic Waves and Acousto-Optical Effects in Nitrides: A S