Professor Detail: CHEN Aijiang

  Name: CHEN Aijiang

  Sex: Male

  Title: Professor

  Type: Master

  College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences


  Contact No.: +86-025-52112713


  Research Field

1.Civil Law;
2.Economic Law;
3.Procedural Law.

  Academic Experience

1979-1983 China University of Political Science and Law(CUPL)major in LAW, granted law bachelor degree;
1995-1997 Studied postgraduate courses of international law in CUPL;
The first half of 1997 Studied senior judge training course in National Judg

  Selected Publications:

1, Comments on service industry responsibility under harmonious consumption environment, Social Science Journal, 2008.3
2, Comments on the reform of law students practical ability training and teaching content, Journal of Nanjing University of Aeronautic

  Scientific Achievements:

1, Hosted and complete the submission provincial and ministerial research projects of COSTIND: Policies and regulations research about innovation incentive and guarantee mechanism of national defense science and technology (Z06004);
2, Participate resear