Professor Detail: FENG Shiyu

  Name: FENG Shiyu

  Sex: Male

  Title: Associate Professor

  Type: Master/Doctor

  College: College of Aerospace Engineering

  Discipline: Power engineering and engineering thermodynamics

  Contact No.: +86-13701586284



  Research Field

1. Human-Machine-Environment Engineering
2. Fuel inerting technology
3. Application of suitable energy
4. New separation process based on membrane technology and its application

  Academic Experience

May 2009-now
Association Professor, Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Human-Machine- Environment Engineering, College of Aerospace Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
May 2009-Jul 2005
Lecture, Power and Energy Engine

  Selected Publications:

Published more than 50 pieces of academic papers on journals and conferences including more than 20 papers sorted by EI/SCI/ISTP. Received 3 provincial awards.
Typical contributions
[1] FENG Shiyu, GAO Xiufen, LIU weihua and et al. CONTACT FORCE OF INT

  Scientific Achievements:

Applied for 27 patents.