Do I need to take an IELTS or TOEFL exam before applying?

There is no English language test requirement for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs taught in English. However it is strongly advised that students with good background in English apply for the programs.

Is the course taught in English medium?

There are 5 courses for undergraduate taught in English medium. Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering and Management, and Bachelors in International Business and 55 Masters program taught in English. Please refer to our website for detailed information.

If my application is successful, when will I receive the documentation required for my visa?

For academic degree students, upon confirming your admission you will receive a paper copy of JW202 along with the admission notice which will be required to apply for the visa at the nearest Chinese embassy.

When is the application deadline?

Normally for undergraduate studies, August 20 every year marks the deadline for application for academic session beginning from 2nd week of September.

Visa and Immigration

Do I need visa to study in China? Which visa should International students need to apply?

Yes, International students intending to study in China need to apply for Chinese visa at the nearest Chinese embassy.
There are 2 kinds of student visa X1 and X2,
For all the students intending to study in China for more than 6 months, you have to apply for X1 visa. Once you arrive in China you have to apply for the residence permit within 30 days of your arrival which will allow you to enter and leave China multiple times. Residence permit can be extended while in China.
For short term program (Chinese language , Summer program) please apply for X2 visa.

What are the required documents for applying Visa ?

  • University admission notice
  • JW 202/ JW201
  • Original Passport
  • Certificate of Highest qualification
  • Physical Examination Report ( Full body Check report)

Can I work while I study?

Students are allowed to work part-time only with the consent from the university.

Arriving in China

When should I arrive?

It is very important that you arrive in China before your start date mentioned on the admission notice.

What should I pack?

The weather in Nanjing varies according to the season. The temperature could reach up to 35’c during summer and sometimes drops below 0’c during winter. Thus it is advised to pack variety of clothes from t-shirts and shirts to jumpers and big coats. Remember to pack important documentation including photocopies of your passport, visa and other ID you may have. Leave copies of these with family too as a back up.

Studying in China

I am a beginner in both Chinese and English. Do I need to be proficient in one of these languages?

For academic programs such as the Undergraduate and Master's degree courses which are taught in English, non-native English speakers must have a good background in English.

Is the degree provided by the university accredited?

NUAA is directly under the authorization of Ministry of information and Technology, China. The degree provided by NUAA is recognized worldwide.

What are the core subjects of my major?

Please refer to our website for the information about the specific subjects.

How long are university degrees in China?

Undergraduate degree last for full 4 years and Masters degree last for 2 to 2.5 years.

Is NUAA research based university?

Yes NUAA is one of the top research based university in China

Accommodation and Living in China

Where will I be hosted?

International Students will be hosted in International students dormitory inside the university.

How do I apply for the accommodation?

University will apply for the on campus accommodation for the admitted students.

What is provided in the accommodation?

An apartment contains 2 or 3 rooms, each room will be shared by 2 students. Dormitory includes a washing machine, hot/cold shower, A.C, toilets, microwave oven and Internet facilities

Can I live off campus?

Yes, however it is advised to live on campus as accommodation off campus could be expensive and difficult to commute to the university.

Do I need medical insurance to study in China?

For undergraduate students NUAA will provide you with the medical insurance for the total duration during your studies.

Where can I eat meals and what about the cost for a meal?

Students will get the campus dining card which can be used at the many dining halls located around the university campus. A variety of regional dishes will be available and an average meal would cost between 6 RMB to 20 RMB. Alternatively you can choose to eat off campus in private restaurants where prices will vary with the quality, Food in China is generally very cheap.


How much money should I bring?

For academic students, when you first arrive it is important to bring enough money to pay for your initial "settling in" costs i.e. paying for accommodation, visa, health check, sim cards, deposit for the dormitory, bed linens, etc.

What are living cost in China?

The cost of living in China is much cheaper. A bottle of water costs RMB 1 and a subway ride starts from RMB 2. It is estimated that a single student will need approximately RMB 1000 – 1500 per month to meet their living expenses.

How do I exchange money?

If you bring foreign cash from home into the country, you can exchange it at the bank inside the university campus.