2013-2014 NUAA International Student Scholarship Award Ceremony

This has been a long and action packed semester. It has been a semester full of many firsts including the ISA (International Students’ Association), IMUN (International Model United Nations) and the C.I.E.C.G. The icing on the cake was the Scholarship Awards Ceremony held on 9th January to appreciate and reward students’ progress both academically and in social activities.

There were various categories of awards including The Full Class Attendance Award, Social Activist, Student Academic Scholarship, Nanjing government, Jasmine Jiangsu and the Chinese Government Scholarship Award.

The ceremony was made unforgettable by the wonderful and talented students whose performances threw the whole audience into a frenzy of excitement and cheering.

It will truly be an unforgettable experience from both the students and the teachers who were in attendance and will also serve as an encouragement to all students to work harder to achieve more in the next academic year.

As the first task carried out successfully by the newly created College of International Education Centre Group, it strengthened the students’ confidence and trust in the C.I.E.C.G. The very positive feedback from the students and administration will go a long way in empowering the C.I.E.C.G to improve the study and social life of students in the College of International Education.