Award Ceremony of Visiting Professor Bernie Kraatz

April 10th 2017 

Award ceremony of visiting professor  Bernie Kraatz from the University of Toronto, Canada, was held at Jiangning Campus of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Keyin Zhou, Party Secretary from College of Material Science and Technology. Vice-president Prof. Daning Shi and Prof. Jizhou Lai, Executive Deputy Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office attended the ceremony.

Prof. Lai enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of Prof. Kraatz, and introduced the academic experience and achievement to our professors and students. Prof.Shi awarded Prof. Kraatz with an honor certificate and the school badge. Prof. Kraatz expressed his gratitude and wished to enhance the cooperation between the 2 universities through building an Interdisciplinary Collaboration Platform.  

During the ceremony, Prof. Kraatz delivered an academic report on "Biomaterials and the Design of Nano-biomaterials". Professor Xiaogang Zhang the vice dean of the College of Material Science and Technology, hosted the lecture. The report introduced the Method of Detecting the Properties of Biomaterials Using Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Technology, as well as the Research about Accessing Functional Materials via Biocompatible Modified Surface.



Following the report, Prof. Kraatz introduced the enrollment work of the University of Toronto in China. The audience actively raised questions and spoke of their ideas, while participating in the intellectual exchange with Prof. Kraatz. This visit offers a precious opportunity for our students to learn about the academic frontier and will help create a favorable learning and exchange atmosphere.

A brief profile about Prof. Kraatz could be found on this link.