Celebrating New Year in NUAA

Celebrating New Year in NUAA


A glorious New Year’s Eve party for 2016 was held at National Flag square in the evening on 31 Dec, 2015. Principal assistant and relevant department along with thousands of students spent a spectacular night celebrating New Year at the big party.


   The New Year’s Eve is consisted of five parts, including Music an Dance show, lawn party, folkdance show, bonfire party, and so on. 

The big party begins with loud applause at 8:08pm. The whole party was made up of different sections, which was arranged by the process of a student’s life in NUAA. Every single part was connected with the born, gowning up, coming to NUAA for studying, all those stories happened during his life. On the feast of eye, dance club, rock club, comic club and many other fantastic clubs of student showed their talent and vitality. Singer of top ten sung beautiful songs, also the performance of ladies from logistic group earned lots of cheers and clapping. In addition, performance of invited HHU, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing Forest Police College added up its glories.

About 11:40pm, Vice-president Chen Xiachu walked on the stage and expressed his blessing to all students and teachers in NUAA, and he chose five students randomly sending them each a book (knowledge), racket (health), candy (sweetness), kettle (warmness), and model airplane (dream).

After that, secretary of the party committee Zhen Yongan made a speech, looking back on the progress we’ve made in 2015 and thanking for the effort of every one in NUAA. He hoped that all of us could achieve greater goals in the coming year.

Approaching the very last minute of 2015,  Professor Zhen, Chen, Huang as well as all the students start to count down, till the last second of the bell ring, shining lights, gorgeous fireworks  meet with cheerful applause and splendid joy.

 The whole party is live and available on both campuses. A wonderful night in NUAA gives you an unforgettable memory in your life.