Chinese Lantern Festival 元宵节快乐!

Chinese Lunar New Year Lantern Festival, also known as the Lantern Festival, is one of the traditional festivals of China Han and some ethnic brothers, and is also one of the Chinese characters of cultural circle area and overseas Chinese. The Han nationality traditional festival began 2000 years ago in the Qin dynasty.

The Han Emperor ordered the fifteenth day of lunar January as the Lantern festival. Sima Qian created the "Taichu calendar", in which the Lantern Festival has been identified as a major holiday. The lunar January is the first month of one year, and the ancients called night "Xiao", while the fifteen is also the first full moon"(Yue Yuan) night of one year, so called lantern festival Yuan Xiao Festival . 

In the Han nationality ancient custom, the Spring Festival (Lantern Festival), the Ghost Festival (Festival of Obon Festival), yuan (water official festival) called the three yuan, all are very important traditional festivals.

Eating yuanxiao, watching lights, guessing riddles written on lanterns are some of the most important folk customs of the Lantern festival.

If you are in Nanjing, maybe you can go to Confucius Temple to watch the amazing lantern show of this special day.

元宵节快乐!Everybody,happy Lantern Festival!