Commencement for 2016 International graduates

NUAA hosted a grand commencement for 2016 international graduates in Jiang Ning Campus on 21st, June, with Director of International Office Jin Quanyuan, Dean of College of International Education He Ning, Qian Zhenghua and Tang Dunbing's  presence.    

Over 100 students from Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ghana, Kenya, Italy and etc major in Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, International Business and Software Engineering finally meet their big day and put an end to their four-year study in NUAA. On the ceremony, these graduates watched a video recorded their four-year life in NUAA with happiness and love. 



 Kundan, a Nepali graduate, shared her life and those unforgettable memories in NUAA representing all graduates. She expressed her thanks for NUAA giving her a platform which broadens her horizon, for teachers’ guidance, which makes her love China and NUAA more and more.

Nan’s father Resifil Hakim, from Indonesia, addresses at the ceremony representing all graduates’ parents. He is proud of his son and has seen the change of Nan during last four years, and he expresses his love for Chinese culture and the beauty of Nanjing.

Haisee, Mingxuan Zhang and Chen Long use a special way to show their love and blesses for NUAA in their poetry.



Dean of the College of International Education, He Ning, delivered his blessing and wishes for 2016 international graduates on behalf of NUAA. He firstly expressed his congratulations for finishing four-year study and praised the achievements they’ve made in NUAA. Also, he hopes that all of them can make some contribution to our society, and NUAA will always welcome them.


He Ning and Jin Quanyuan awarded diploma for every graduates at the end of the ceremony and took a posed for the photo with all the students and teachers, which draws a period for our 2016 international graduates.