Consul General of Brazil, Ecuador visited NUAA

On 25th of November 

1.      Anna Candida Perez (Consul General Of Brazil in Shanghai)

2.      Jorge Hidalgo (Consul General of Ecuador in Shanghai)

3.      Ricardo Galindo ( VP of Commercial Columbian company in Shanghai)

visited NUAA for Academic and Scientific partnership with NUAA. 

The foreign delegates were received by the Vice President of NUAA XUAN Yi Min, along with the Dean of International college Prof. He Ning and Vice-Director of Department of International cooperation and exchange Ms. Liang Wei. 


Ms.Perez invited NUAA to visit Brazil and Latin America in order to promote the university, interact with the students and work together with universities. 

Ms.Perez was also leading the delegation for Aeronautics Insitute of Technology (Brazil) and propose NUAA to create a joint agenda for educational cooperation.