Extraordinary performance of Yi Dao Team in the third UAV International Innovation Grand Prix

In the third UAV International Innovation Grand Prix held in Gian, Zhe Jiang October, 215, delegation from NUAA gets outstanding achievements. An unmanned aerial vehicle called ‘Hong Yan 9’ in Yi Dao Team made a extraordinary performance, winning a third prize of fixed-wing race. Another vehicle ‘Huang Feng 1’ got the highest score 961 in total 1000, which means the highest level of flight control skills in fixed-wing race.

 This competition not only brings honor for NUAA, but also proves our strong technological strength of College of UAV (COU). Meanwhile it’s also a very important opportunity for COU to publicize their research. With plenty of participants and big challenge of the prix, some competition items are designed with complexity in technique as well as pertinence, and some these items are being applied both for military and civil use. These accomplishments are based on excellent ability in research and development of UAV and Yi Dao Team’s hard working.