Good news of CIE students from Model United Nations

The topic of the summit being 'International Cooperation of Financial Security', the students of CIE takes an active part in it. 

The conference held at Nanjing Audit University(南京审计大学, 浦口校区) lasted for three days from 2015.03.27 to 2015.03.29. Our students maintained the prestigious reputation of NUAA in the conference. The conference went through different environments with healthy and aggressive discussions and negotiations. The declaration of the summit were in the global favour which provided great results to tackle with the financial insecurity conditions prevailing throughout the globe. 

Students participated :

1. Delegation of Germany - Akshay Gupta(谷塔) & S.M.A Rahim(海西)

2. Delegation of China - Laiq shah (莱克)

3. Delgation of South africa - Shivam Barthwal(巴什图)

The conference was dominated by the delegation of Germany and China which led to the following awards:

Best delegate - Akshay Gupta ( Delegate of Germany)

Best statement - S.M.A. Rahim (Delegate of Germany)

Best diplomat - Laiq shah ( Delegate of China)

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