Graduation Ceremony of TUHH-NIT International Dual Degree Program

On Jan. 12th, Graduation Ceremony of TUHH/NIT International Dual Degree Program Class 01 was held in NUAA.

Vice president academician Xuan Yimin, Ms. Anja Seitz ( Director of Hamburg College of Management), prof. Chiristian Lüthje from Technical University of Hamburg attended the degree award ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by prof. Jin Quanyuan, Director of International Office. Jiang Ju, Dean of Graduate School, prof. He Ning, Dean of International Education College, Zhang Zhuo, vice dean of College of Economics and Management, student mentors, delegates of enterprises, parents and all the graduates participated in the degree awarding ceremony.

Picture 1 the guests attending the graduation ceremony 

Picture 2 Graduates in the ceremony 

International dual degree project of NUAA – college of management from Technical University of Hamburg aims to develop high-level internationalized talents combining technology and management. It was approved by the ministry of education, and the first project start in October 2013.
Director Jin Quanyuan first expresses welcome to the guests, and congratulations to the graduates.

Picture 3 Ms. Anja Seitz, director of academic affairs and student affairs from Hamburg college of management, delivered a speech

To enhance university-enterprise cooperation, Liu Gang, general manager of Shanghai Tuo Pu company signed the letter of intent for donation with our development department. Shanghai Tuo Pu company plans to donate 10 million rmb to NUAA in the next five years, to support the development of scientific research and education in NUAA.


Picture 4: Vice president Xuan Yimin remarked the graduates

After the donation ceremony it is the grand degree awarding ceremony. Vice President Xuan Yimin academician in the principal suits, prof. Chiristian Luthje in a mentor’s uniform, awarded master's degree in technology management for 18 graduates in China, and took a group photo. Ms. Anja Seitz offered students African chrysanthemum of Technical University of Hamburg’s tradition.


Picture 5 Song Chuchen is speaking for graduates


Picture 6 prof. Chiristian Lüthje was awarded the "best teacher" 


Picture 7 Signing ceremony

18 graduates sang a graduation chorus "Together".


Picture 8 Degree awarding ceremony 


Picture 9 Graduation photo