The 2015 summer vacation is on! (July 4th to August 30th), a total of 58 days (rumoured to be the 6th longest summer vacation in China).

Here's some useful info to help make your summer holiday more comfortable

DormitoriesAll dormitories will remain open during the holiday

Major gates

Jiangning Campus1, North Gate: open 24 hours a day 
2, Main West Gate: open every day from 7:00h-19:00h3, The Small West Gate and Small North Gate will be closed off between July 9th and Aug 25th4, East Gate:open from 07:00-21:00 everyday

Minggugong Campus1, The West Gate and East Gate will remain open 24 hours a day2, The North Gate will be open from 6:30-24:00.


Jiangning Campus Canteens 3 and 4 will remain open and run as usual All other canteens will be closed off after July 5th.

Minggugong Campus1, Canteen 2 will stay open, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner;2, Canteen 3 will also stay open, only serving lunch and dinner;3, The food garden(美食园) will be open between July 20th and Aug 30th


School supermarket

Jiangning Campus1, Open every day from July 5th to July 21st ( 8:30-21:00)2. Business hours might vary in August

Minggugong Campus Closed for the holiday



Jiangning Campus1, July 4th -20th: closed for inventory checking2, July 21st -August 28: open every Tuesday and Friday

Minggugong Campus Closed for renovation

School Hospital It will remain open all through the holiday

Swimming pool Only open to students and teachers of NUAA. Open every day (16:00-20:00), save for Saturday, from July 4th -August 30th,

Make-up ExamsAugust 27th to August 29th

Nanjing Government ScholarshipPlease apply between Sept 1st and Sept 15th 2015

Nanjing Government ScholarshipPlease apply between Sept 1st and Sept 15th 2015


ClassesFormal classes will start on (Aug 31st) Monday morning

Summer HolidaysSummer HolidaysSummer Holidays