International students of NUAA won the 2017 Nanjing Public Diplomacy “Wutong Award”

On December 15th, the 2017 Nanjing Public Diplomacy “Wutong Award”, named after the Nanjing sycamore tree, was announced. A total of 11 foreigners from seven countries including Britain, Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Bangladesh and Pakistan won the prize.

2 International students of NUAA, "Ali Qadir" (Pakistan) and Raqibul Hassan (Bangladesh)  have been awarded the youth emissary award. Ali, who is currently pursuing an undergraduate program in International Business & Trade is an excellent reporter for Nanjing Youth Culture Festival, a member of the Student Union of NUAA. He has independently set up a volunteer service team and has conducted voluntary teaching programs and community service activities several times together with the international students. 

Raqibul Hassan (Nihad) has been in China for six years. Since his starting days in Nanjing, he had devoted most of his spare time for volunteering activities, starting small from the subway station service, to the G20 Summit and the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games,  "I didn't do anything vigorous, just take volunteer work as a habit." says Nihad. 

Zhou Wenzhong, former vice minister of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, former ambassador of China to the United States and secretary-general of the BFA Asia Forum made an international report at the conference. Shen Jian, chairman of Nanjing CPPCC, honorary president of Nanjing Public Diplomacy Association, Deputy Secretary of Nanjing CPC Committee Long Xiang and former Nanjing CPPCC Chairmen attended the meeting.

In order to encourage individuals and social groups to care for, support and participate in public diplomacy career, Nanjing Public Diplomacy Association has set up “Wutong Award” since 2014 to honor the individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to the public diplomacy career in Nanjing.