---Welcome 2015 NUAA International Students

Congratulations on securing yourself a position in NUAA. This will be one of the many, if not the most significant, steps you take in life towards your dream career or future. NUAA offers you the chance to be whatever you want to be. There are many(80+) different clubs and associations in NUAA like the Centre Group, International Students' Association, Enactus and so much more. Be proactive and GET INVOLVED.

The best advice to any new student to NUAA is to make as many friends (both Chinese and foreign) as possible. The ties you make at NUAA could last a lifetime as well as help make you into the person you hope to be in future.

NUAA is an enormous and culturally diverse school. It's therefore very important to always keep safe and stay on the right side of the law. Feel free to contact your Class Coordinator, Mr. Tang, if you ever have any problems or questions. You can also contact any member of the Centre Group for guidance and assistance.

Keep all your items and belongings safe. NEVER LOSE YOUR PASSPORT. Always lock your rooms after you leave and never trust anyone with your personal documents.

Welcome to NUAA

This is where you make all your dreams a reality!

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