NUAA Welcomed Visitors from Honeywell Aerospace

Dr. Bob Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Honeywell Aerospace and Dr. Xu Jun, General Manager of Honeywell, Chinese Area visited our school on March 25th.

In that morning, Dr. Bob Smith donated 5000 dollars to our school for the development and construction of Innovation Training Program with Aviation Characteristics. Meanwhile, Nie Hong, President of our school and Dr. Xu Jun signed the cooperation contract between Honeywell, China and NUAA. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Xuan Yiming, Vice President of NUAA with the presence of Wu Guanghui, Vice General Manager of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China and leaders from related departments of NUAA.

Moreover, Dr. Smith addressed a lecture on “Innovation & Competition in the Aerospace Industry”, which reviewed the aviation history of human being and made a brief introduction to Honeywell Group, attracting about 300 students and teachers. Dr. Smith expressed that NUAA was one of the most important partners of Honeywell and that he wished that this visit could improve the cooperation and communication between the two institutes.
Relevant Information
Introduction of Honeywell Aerospace: As a pioneer in the Aerospace Technology,Honeywell has been the supplier for more than 6000 civil, commercial, regional transport customers, helping aircraft manufacturers, airlines, operators and contractors improve efficiency and productivity, thus, offering a safer and more comfortable experience to travelers. In China, it has four joint ventures and an individual proprietorship, providing auxiliary power units, aircraft spare parts, aviation electronic products, related components of engines and environment control systems and maintenance services for gears, brakes, etc.