NUAA won the 1st prize in National University Innovation Competition

The award ceremony of 3rd “3s” cup national university Internet of Things technology and application "three innovation" competition was held on December 2, on "National Conference on Internet of Things (CIoT 2017)" and "National Conference on Radio Application and Management of Academic Conference (CRAM 2017)" in Shenzhen. Students from NUAA won the first prize. Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan, Xue Yusheng, Yu Quan and Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences Yin Hao presented prizes to the award-winning students and the conference also showed the winning projects.


The event tries to build up a good environment of public entrepreneurship in the field of Internet of things technology and the application, focus on training students in the field of Internet of things, stimulates students’ innovation vigor and interest in learning, and cultivates their innovative spirit and cooperation consciousness.