NUAA's GOT TALENT 2015 was an unforgettable and outstanding show with an incredible turnout, none like we've had before.All contestants, judges and teachers were treated to a red carpet entrance (which was a first for the show).

Out of 16 performances, 6 qualified to the final round. The Performances that stole the show included; Painting by M Saleem, Taekwondo by Kimra, Dance by LMD, Sudikshya Regmi, Singing by Charlotte and Raynald's team.

More than 1600 votes were cast, all in the first hour of voting, Performance NO. 8 got the People's Choice Award while performance no 6 got the Best Upcoming Talent Award. Please click 'Read more' at the end of this post to see the voting results.


First Prize Winner (1) --- Charlotte Uwizeye
Second Prize Winners (2) --- LMD and Raynald plus team
Third Prize Winners (3) --- Sudikshya plus team, George & Christina

and 郭可心 & 王媛

People Choice Award --- Mushtaq Ahmed

Upcoming Talent Award --- 郭可心 & 王媛

After all the spectacular performances and award giving, we celebrated CIE's 10th anniversary and the Dean, Vice Dean, and other guests cut the historic cake.

The event was a great success and the most well organized so far by far. It was hosted by the NUAA College of International Education and organized by the C.I.E. Center Group.

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