Outstanding Paper Awards of 2016 International Academic Conference for Graduates, NUAA

The 2016 International Academic Conference for Graduates, NUAA presents Outstanding Paper Awards to 40 papers which exemplify excellent technical contributions, originality, clarity of writing and presentation. The selection is made by the technical committee of the conference.

The winners of Outstanding Paper Awards are listed as follows:


1 Nikesh, Stanisław Gepner and Jacek Szumbarski Warsaw University of Technology Instability in a Channel with Grooves Parallel to the Flow   

2 Daria Kolmakova, Oleg Baturin Samara National Research University Impact of Geometric Uncertainties on the Results of Numerical Simulation of Axial Turbine Operation   

3 Rupesh Regmi, Zhang Zhuo NUAA A Case Study of Inflow of Foreign Students and Their Overall Satisfaction in China   

4 Wang Jing, Huang Xianghua NUAA Aero Engine Multivariable Sliding Mode Control based On the Improved Reaching Law   

5 Li Yahang Nanjing University The Changing Role of Japanese Women in Working Place   

6 Kang Zuoyi, Bui Tinh Quoc, Hirose Sohichi Tokyo Institute of Technology Local Enriched Consecutive-interpolation FEM (XCQ4) for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Cracked Linear Elastic Solids   

7 Zhang Jiaying, Li Xuan University of Strathclyde Optimal Configuration of Sensors in Active Vibration Control   

8 Alexia Eng T.Z, Gao Peiwei NUAA Computation and Analytical in Flexural Strength of FRP Reinforcement Concrete Beam with Failure Modes Prediction   

9 Michał Lidner, Zbigniew Szcześniak Warsaw University of Technology Numerical Modeling of Air Shock Wave Propagation using Finite Volume Method and Adiabatic Process Rule   

10 Xu Qing, Li Hongshuang NUAA A Comparison of Numerical Methods for TPS Heat Transfer Analysis   

11 Tan Yuanqiu, Zang Chaoping, Wang Xiaowei, Zhou Biao, Petrov E.P NUAA Crystal-orientation Identification for Turbine Blades with Anisotropy Materials   

12 Yulia Novikova, Grigorii Popov Samara National Research University Design of the Air Brake for the GTE Test Bench by Using Methods of Computational Gas Dynamics   

13 Zhu Weidong, Guo Haiding NUAA Finite Element Simulation of Cracking Angle of Titanium Alloy based on ABAQUS   

14 Faizan Asif, Han Dong NUAA Experimental Investigation of Al2O3 /water Nanofluid in Double Tube Heat Exchanger   

15 Luo Kailin, Cui Haitao NUAA A Research on the Effect of Factors on the Maximum Equivalent Stress and Fretting Parameters of Curvic Couplings in Aero-engine   

16 Yang Yuxuan,Wu Hongtao, Wang Lingyu, Yang Xiaolong NUAA Symmetrical Workspace of Parallel Mechanisms with Symmetrical Structure Using Tilt-And-Torsion Angles   

17 Tan Jinjing, Andreas Schwung, Tan Wenan The University of Bolton Three Tank System with Fuzzy Logic Controller   

18 Edward Wang, Xia Zihui University of Alberta Optimal Design of Coke Drum Skirt Slots for Thermal-Mechanical Cyclic Loading   

19 Wang Taoxi, Wei Minhuang Nanyang Technological University Feasibility Study of Using Shape Memory Effect of  Ethylene-vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam in Comfort Fitting   

20 Andrius Čeponis, Dalius Mazeika Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Investigation of Piezoelectric Cantilevers with Improved Energy Harvesting Efficiency   

21 Muhammad Urd Sher Qaisrani, Yang Fengfan NUAA Performance Comparisons of Capacity Approaching QC-LDPC and Code Matched Interlearver based Turbo Codes in Single Lelay Cooperation   

22 Mushtaq Ahmad, Zhang Xiaofei, Rahim Umer,Basit Iqbal NUAA Performance Comparison of Conventional Beam-former, Capon, MUSIC, and Root-MUSIC DOA Estimation Algorithms   

23 Uwitije Rongin, Tao Yong NUAA Deformation Properties of Healthy and Malaria-Infected Red Blood Cells in A Stenosed Micro Vessel   

24 Song Xiaoli, Gong Yunzhan, Jin Dahai, Li Qiangyi, Zheng Ruijuan, Zhang Mingchuan Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Nodes Deployment Optimization Algorithm of Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks   

25 Zang Sicong, Pi Dechang NUAA Software Reliability Growth Model for Imperfect Debugging Process Considering both Testing-effort and Testing Coverage   

26 Xu Yan, Ramon Dalmau, Xavier Prats Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya A Method to Recover Additional Delays subject to Ground Holding at no Extra Fuel Consumption   

27 Sang Yu, Jiang Wenying, Zhang Zhuoran, Wang Yu NUAA 3-D Steady State Thermal Analysis of Doubly Salient Electromagnetic Machine   

28 Naseem Ahsan, Zhang Zhouran Mohammad Shahnawaz Khan NUAA Research on V-Type Interior Permanent Magnet Machine for Electric Vehicles Application   

29 Wang Yuting, Zhang Zhuoran, Yu Li, Yan Y.G. NUAA Circulating Current Suppression for Doubly Salient Brushless DC Generator with Optimized Armature Winding Configuration   

30 Ajeet Kumar Bhatia, Jiang Ju, Zhen Ziyang NUAA Quadcopter UAV Modeling and Automatic Flight Control Design   

31 Zeng Yang, Lu Hengzhen NUAA The Research on the Effects of Investors’ Attention on Earnings Announcement Timing Disclosure   

32 Sun Tingting, Zhou Dequn NUAA Effects of Intertemporal Carbon Trading on the Behavior of Firm’s  Production-Abatement under Learning by Doing   

33 Wan Lu, Wang Zilong, Jhony Choon Yeong Ng NUAA The Measurement Research on the Decoupling Effect of Industries’ Carbon Emissions—based on the Equipment Manufacturing Industry in China   

34 Gertrude Kebane Cosmas NUAA DEA-based Efficiency Assessment of Kenyan Airports Evidence from Chinese firms   

35 Ruan Xiaoyan, Mi Chuanmin, Xiao Lin NUAA Microblog Sentiment Analysis using User Similarity and Social Relation   

36 Chen Yali NUAA Can Freedom and Equality be Realized in the Same Sense? based on the Study of Western Political Philosophy   

37 Jing Hui, Liu Lingling NUAA Innovative Spirit: A Powerful Engine of Deepening All-round Reforms   

38 Fan Shuyang NUAA The Stadium Violence Prevention and Containment Strategy in China   

39 Sang Aiyun, Zhao Yi NUAA Gender Differences in English Discourse Style   

40 Tan Xiao NUAA Pedagogical Implication of Linguistic Landscape Approach in Local Context