President Nie Hong met with H.E Leela Mani Paudyal, Ambassador of Nepal to P.R China

President Prof. Nie Hong extended his warm welcome to the Ambassador H.E Leela Mani Paudyal and his attache Mr. Uttam Ghimire and gave a brief introduction of the history of NUAA, discipline construction, scientific research and NUAA’s devotion to international cooperation and education. 

President Prof. Nie Hong stressed China and Nepal are connected with mountains and rivers, are good neighbors and friends. The friendship between the two countries has a long history. China is Nepal's second largest economic, trade and investment partner and Nepal is an important country in "One Belt One Road" initiative. NUAA and Nepal's education and teaching cooperation started as early as 2005, with the first batch of 21 Nepalese students pursuing Bachelors in Aeronautical engineering taught in English medium. 


Ambassador H.E Paudyal thanked President Nie Hong and Vice President Song Yingdong for their warm reception and expressed his gratitude to NUAA for cultivating and training Nepalese students. H.E Paudyal also said that “Nepal and China are good neighbors, good friends, and good partners. China has provided massive assistance to improve Nepal's infrastructure, healthcare, and education.”Ambassador H.E Paudyal praised NUAA’s effort for providing OBOR Full scholarship to 14 postgraduate students from Nepal in 2017 to pursue an advanced degree in aerospace science and technology, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, business and finance and so on.  “I hope that more Nepalese students will have the privilege of studying at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with the establishment of OBOR scholarship and wish that the academic and scientific cooperation between NUAA and Nepal will achieve a new level,” said ambassador H.E Paudyal.  

During the talks, the two sides held in-depth talks on student training, teacher exchanges, joint academic conferences, joint international research projects, and co-establishment of Confucius Institute in Nepal and opening of new scholarship scheme for deserving candidates from Nepal. 

Around 280 Nepalese students have since graduated from NUAA and are currently serving domestically in Nepal Airlines, Nepal Army Air Service, Himalaya Airlines, Buddha Air and the other main organization while internationally in Airbus, Lockheed Martin and other multinational companies. Prof. Bikash Nakarmi, a foreign expert at NUAA from Nepal, has also played a significant role in teaching and research in the field of electronic and electrical engineering. 

The Ambassador also met and had a workshop with the Nepalese students. He learned about students' study and life situation, and expressed his desire for students to continue and carry forward the excellent character by first, study hard; second, obey the rules; third, act as the role of the good cultural ambassador of Nepal to China and deepen the friendship between two countries.