Research conducted by Prof. Dr. Ng Choon Yeong is hotly debated on the internet

Dr. Ng Choon Yeong, Jhony, a professor in NUAA published a research “This is not what I wanted: The effect of avoidance coping strategy on non-work-related social media use at the workplace” along with his student and colleague on Employee Relations. His paper is reviewed and cited frequently these days by many foreign media such as Huffington Post, The Global Recruiter Emerald News.

In his research, Dr. Ng Choon Yeong put forward a brand new theory about the relationship between the work efficiency of employees and social media usage. Many graduates wish to find their first ideal job after leaving university, while many of them only can find a job less satisfying after several failures. Yeong points out that when graduates take up a job they do not like at all but they have no other choice, they would feel like stuck in such situation and suffer heavy mental stress. To release those stress, most of them may tend to absorbed in social medial during work time, which could finally affect their efficiency.

In order to prove Yeong’s theory,  journalists from  Huffington Post and Emerald Group conducted an online survey, and find that half of the 2028 subjects turn to social media to find comfort.