The 5th International Academic Conference at NUAA

The 2017 IACGN was held on 19-20th October 2017 and the postgraduates from 16 countries joined this conference. On 19th October, Prof. Shi Daning (Vice President of NUAA, Dean of Graduate School of NUAA), Prof. Jin Quanyuan (Dean of CIE and Deputy Chair), Prof. Jiang Ju (Deputy Dean of Graduate School of NUAA and Deputy Chair) opened the opening ceremony.

The 12 special sessions (A01-A12) were carried out at Mingguguong Campus and Jiangning Campus. These forums were a medium for presenting the new advances and research results in a wide variety of scientific areas. The common interest is to improve future aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, network technology and communications, management science, and so on.

The closing ceremony was held on the 20th October 2017 and hosted by Ujjwal Tiwari (Nepal) and Ye Jijie (China). The excellent paper award was granted to several authors.

The 2017 IACGN is an international conference providing a forum for eminent graduate students to share research findings, innovations, trends and challenges. It also seeks to improve their intercultural communication skills and broaden their academic perspective. The conference presents a great opportunity for collaborations and sharing ideas between graduates from NUAA as well as its domestic and international partner universities. This conference was organized by College of International Education (CIE) and Graduate School of NUAA.