The First International Student Running for Chief of the Student Union


“I am very nervous and happy now,” says Raqibul Hassan, “Chief of the Student Union is not only a position but also a responsibility to undertake the students’ dreams and to serve people...Thank you for supporting me.”
Currently, the University League Committee and the Student Union have published the candidate list for the new Standing Committee of the Student Union, among which there is a foreign name, Raqibul Hassan. Coming from Bangladesh, Raqibul Hassan was enrolled in International Education College of NUAA, 2011. He is very excited at this competition, which is the first time that a foreign student is elected as candidate for the Student Union in the history of NUAA. In his opinion, it is not only his own dream, but also the dreams of about 700 international students in NUAA, who are from 46 countries and areas, to take part in the Student Union and to enjoy the same rights with Chinese students.

Raqibul Hassan has given himself a Chinese name, “尼哈德”, which is called as “小尼” by his friends. He is very humorous and friendly and is fond of adventures and Chinese culture. During the two-year study in NUAA, he has achieved several awards, namely, Chinese Government Scholarship for Self-supported International Students, Outstanding Volunteer for Asian Youth Games. 

In September, 2013, the University League Committee launched an action for realizing dreams, in which Raqibul Hassan wrote down his dream of joining the Student Union.

In respect of his goals as Chief of the Student Union, Raqibul Hassan is quite practical and firm. “I’m aiming at making a new and efficient student union and carrying out interesting activities to show various national customs...Let the Student Union be a warm family”, Raqibul says.