Tian Xun No. 1 satellite operating in orbit for four years

By September 9, 2015, Tian Xun No.1 independently designed by our university has been operating in good function for four years, although its designed lifetime is only six months. It has flied around the earth for more than 24,000 times until now and it is still working with excellent capacity, which is beyond anticipation of the initial goal.


Tian Xun No.1 was launched with Long March 4B rocket in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on November 9, 2011. During the past four years in orbit, it has achieved plenty of missions including attitude maneuver, data transmission and capacity detecting. It is also the first mini-satellite using Vxworks as its operating system.

The team which designed Tian Xun will carry out research on characteristics of orbit with the data collected and gather all the data generated on the orbit.