Research Areas


1. Aircraft Design

NUAA has strong research initiative focused on Aircraft design. Forming a comprehensive system in research and exploring Advanced Design Technology of Flight Vehicle, New-Concept research and Engineering Model Development. NUAA has been leading the domestic level in the fields of Helicopter and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.



2. Structural Mechanics and Control

The Structural Mechanics and Control research center represents the highest level of Aviation Technology research in China. It is primarily focused on Nonlinear Dynamics and Control, Analysis of Aircraft Structure Dynamics and Control, Ultrasonic Motor Technology, Intelligent Structures Applied in Aircraft, Unsteady Aerodynamics and etc.



3. Advanced Manufacturing

Research on advanced manufacturing at NUAA takes the leading domestic position in Premise micro-fabrication, Curved Surface Modeling, Modeling and Fabrication of Titanium Structure, Machining of difficult-to-cut metals and Special Working Technology, Technology of Digital Assembly and Automated Placement Technology of Composite and etc.



4. Power Electronics and Power Drives

Research areas involving Air Power, Power Conversion and Special Motor Technologies have exerted great domestic influence; some of the prototype performances have even reached the advanced international level.



5. Navigation, Guidance and Control

NUAA’s research work on navigation, guidance and control has progressed a lot in the recent years, the main research are focused on fields as Airborne Precise Autonomous Navigation, Advanced Flight control & simulation, Smart self-repairing and Control and etc.